W o m e n   h e l p i  n g   W o m e n  

Adrienne DeAngelis, P.A.-C



As a physician assistant in the field of women's healthcare, Adrienne's compassion and skills with each patient are memorable and pleasant.

 Adrienne received a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of California in 1986. She did her undergraduate research in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. She proceeded to graduate with honors from Physician Assistant Program at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She completed her preceptorship in OB/GYN in 1991. She then completed as PA residency in Urology, which included urogynecology. In 1995 she joined the faculty at OU College of Medicine in the department of OB/GYN until 2002 and has been working  with private practice OB/GYN physicians since.

 Some of Adrienne's many skills include counseling teen girls, treating young women, birth control counseling and arm implant procedures, weight management programs , preventive medicine, as well as care of women with urologic issues. She brings a comfort level to all her patients that build respect and trust. Her knowledge is one of a kind and her patients feel  as if they have known her for years.