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Favorite Links and Resources

 Novasure- our in-office procedure to help with heavy bleeding  http://www.novasure.com/  


 Essure - our in our in-office tubal procedure.  http://www.essure.com


 Learn about all our IUD's we offer in our clinic.

 Mirena IUD - 5 year birth control    www.mirena-us.com

 Skyla IUD - 3 year birth control       www.skyla-us.com

 Kyleena IUD - 5 year birth control   www.kyleena-us.com

 Liletta IUD - 5 year birth control      www.liletta.com

 Paragard IUD - 10 year birth control   www.paragard.com


  Nexplanon -arm implant that gives you up to 3 years of birth control.  www.nexplanon.com